May 16th



Registration begins at 9:01am at the Parade Start location on Highland Ave & 33rd St. S
Floats and cars in the parade should be on site by 9:45am. 
Parade begins at 11:01am


Do you want to have a car/float near the front of the parade? BE THERE AT 9AM. First come, first served.


The parade route follows Highland Ave. westbound, past Rushton & Rhodes parks and ends at Caldwell Park.


Map of Parade Start location


The Do Dah Day Parade is recruiting entrants of all kinds, including marching bands, briefcase drill teams, synchronized dancers, mimes, clowns, decorated cars and creative floats, and anyone that wants to walk in the parade with their animal, with a dictate to be festive.




If you want a chance to win a fabulous prize, sign up to compete in one of our PARADE CATEGORIES:

  • Best Float 

  • Best Team 

  • Largest Pet

  • Best Movie-Themed Pet or Pet/Human Group 

  • Best Dressed Pet 

  • Best Pet/Owner Look-Alike


Entry Fees

Fun Walker 

$5.00 per walker


Animal Prize Categories

$10.00 per animal per each category entered



$10.00 per person in the Team 


Team with Car(s)

$10.00 per person in  Team + $15.00 for each car with Team



$15.00/car (Even if entering a group of cars as a Team)



$10.00/bike (See caution below.)



$20.00/float (Covers float members riding on float.)


Political Team/Car/Float for that particular candidate

$50.00 per candidate. Includes car/float and up to 10 supporters. Additional supporters register as Fun Walkers and each pay the $5.00 Fun Walker Fee.


Fun Walker — Someone who walks on two legs, and is normally recognized as human.  Fun Walkers can walk alone or with their animals.  They do not participate in any of the prize categories.


Team Member — A group of people that either walk together or ride in any type of motorized vehicle.  Each vehicle must be registered.  CARS in a Team cost extra (see prices above).  Team Members compete in the BEST TEAM CATEGORY.


Cars — Antique cars, or anything drivable with four wheels, are welcome in the parade.  Groups of cars can be entered into the BEST TEAM CATEGORY.  If you have something larger than a car, but it’s not a float, it is still registered as a car.


Motorcycles — These have two or three wheels. Please be aware that many animals are sensitive to loud noises.  We ask you be considerate of this if entering a motorcycle in the parade.


Floats — A large, and oftentimes flat, vehicle that is decorated with a theme.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a theme, we’ve seen all kinds.  Floats can have people ride them (they’re covered in the float entry fee), as well as people walking alongside them (Note: if you don't ride on the float and want to walk alongside, you must register as a walker).


Political Teams — If you are a politician and want to bring a car and walk with supporters — We’re glad to have you at Do Dah Day.  Your CAR will be a $50 registration fee.



Good. We like questions. Please send us an e-mail. We’ll get back to you. Thanks for your interest in Do Dah Day!

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