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Meet the candidates from 2019!

bebe for queen 2019.jpg

Bebe was a tiny 5 pound Pomeranian found a few years wandering on the side of the road and brought into the clinic that I work for. After being examined by veterinarians at Britt Animal Hospital she was sent to Dr. Lothrop for a cardiac evaluation and Dr. Korsch for an ophthalmic evaluation. Today she is treated for her heart murmur, collapsing trachea, and severe arthritis. She is believed to have been completely blind since birth. She is now living her best life in a blind- dog friendly home and loved by everyone she meets! She is an inspiring lesson on the overbreeding epidemic and congenital defects that can result. For reference, her congenital abnormalities include: Collapsing trachea, luxating patellas, micropthalmia or one eye smaller than the other, early onset of cataracts, macular degeneration and secondarily blindness.


My sister, Clarissa, found LG crying in a field out in the country as a young kitten. She was all alone and very tiny. Due to her small size, she earned the name “Little Girl” or LG for short. But don’t be fooled! Though she started out small, LG grew to be the hefty size she is today. Even with diet and exercise, LG is a curvy girl. LG lived in Auburn, AL while Clarissa and I were in school and then in Madison when Clarissa moved there to start a family. However, Clarissa’s now 3-year-old is a special needs child and requires a lot of attention. That combined with a loud, bustling household, LG was not happy with the changes and Clarissa was not happy with how she couldn’t care for her the way she used to. I offered to take in my niece kitty. After all, what’s family for? Since then she has traveled to FL with me, gone on walks with me (she LOVES being outside), and takes many naps with me. She follows me throughout my home and keeps me company every day. She may not get along with strangers, kids, or other pets, but she’s a feisty, loving kitty well deserving of the title of Queen.