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bebo for king 2019.jpg

Bebo previously belonged to an elderly lady who unfortunately passed and was then placed with Two by Two Rescue, they took amazing care of him while fostering him. Last year I adopted Bebo. Bebo had a few issues with his heart, was overweight, hypothyroid, had zero teeth and very little of a jaw. With the help of Dr. Josh Morgan at Britt Animal Hospital and Dr. Streater-Knowlen at Cardiac Evaluations, Bebo is doing better than ever. At 13 years old, he is living the life. Everyone who knows Bebo, adores Bebo. This is a true case of who rescued who. I have volunteered at Do Dah Day for a few years now and Bebo got to join me last year helping with emergencies and will be there again this year and hopefully many more!



banksy for king 2019.jpg

Banksy is a 7-year-old orange tabby who was found in downtown Birmingham under the hood of a truck as a tiny kitten. He was rescued and quickly got comfortable in his forever home in the Highland Park neighborhood. Every year he watches the Do Dah Day Parade from his window with great interest 😊  He loves Dr. Josh at Britt Animal Clinic, Greenies, catnip and his stuffed koala bear. Please donate to help Banksy become King! 100% of the proceeds benefit Do Dah Day in support of homeless animals. Follow Banksy on Instagram @birminghambanksy Adopt Don’t Shop!